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Slitting Machine Lubrication Precautions

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When it comes to the slitting machine knife set precision requirements, this time we also need to pay attention to the thickness of this blade size to maintain consistent, and also in line with the requirements of the drawings; for slitting machine knife set on the outside diameter of the blade consistent and this blade should also be parallel, coaxiality in line with the requirements of the drawings; about the blade edge of the place should not appear bump, drop meat, wear and other phenomena. Slitting machine knife set precision requirements, that is, the thickness of the spacer size must meet the requirements of the drawings, the size of the spacer parallelism, etc.; other dimensions meet the requirements of the drawings.

Slitting machine equipment on the filling of lubricants, one, that is, should be regularly check the equipment of the bearing parts of the sound and its temperature rise, when necessary, can re-apply smooth grease for its, in this regard can also improve the equipment in the bearing parts of the lubricity, so as to reduce the occurrence of abnormal phenomena, so that it maintains a smooth and normal operation.

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Be careful to add a small amount of oil on the slitting machine table to avoid stagnation of the material when moving the slide, which can make some defects on the material. At the same time, when the equipment before the start of work, that is, to pay attention to the oil table must be above it are poured smooth oil to prevent it from jamming.

On the slitting machine equipment slide screw nuts and bearings, in this regard, that is, we must pay attention to the need to choose the appropriate smooth grease for smooth; if the machine is used every day, this time regular refueling is necessary, especially the uncoiler and its winder reel, a total of eight pressed-in oil markers, are to meet the appropriate standards.

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Slitting machine equipment maintenance focus is one of the oil injection, for the equipment of various key parts to add the appropriate oil or grease. And in addition, slitting machine equipment inspection, cleaning and adjustment are also very critical, because of this, after a period of operation of the machine will inevitably remain some impurities or changes in parameters, so must be removed and adjusted in a timely manner.

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