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Metal Slitting Machine in Different Periods of Operation Is Also Different

First of all, we actually have to pay attention to the pre-shift operation of the metal slitting machine, to observe whether the gear oil tank and the motor of the machine can operate normally. Next, it is also necessary to pay attention to see if other parts or parts are normal, when found metal slitting machine parts occurring problems, should be noted in a timely manner to repair solutions.

Furthermore, when the metal slitting machine is in operation in the middle of the shift, the operator should pay attention to the fact that he should wear good labour protection equipment before he works, otherwise, the operator should also be on duty for the operation. In the work, should also be to comply with the requirements and regulations, and to pay attention to the strict implementation, so that, to a large extent, it is also to ensure their own and their work on the safety performance.

Next, when the metal slitting machine is in operation, the operator must not touch the rotating part of the machine or the blades, and must not make any dangerous movements. Furthermore, in terms of the blade gap, it is important to note that it should be adjusted in advance, and after checking that it is correct, it can also start to work.

Of course, the metal slitting machine in the operation, should be noted that it must be timely to cut off the power supply on the equipment, and for the equipment, that is, should be thoroughly cleaned and cleaned.

After the metal slitting machine is in operation, the use of the blades should be checked to see if there are any foreign objects on them, and if so, they should be removed in time. Furthermore, after the metal slitting machine is in operation, to a large extent, it is necessary to pay attention to the metal slitting machine equipment to check, to ensure that the next time it is started will not be a failure.

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