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Slitting Lines Related Applications & Knowledge

In the face of economic development is more and more rapidly changing, in the steel material trading businessmen will understand that the metal slitting machine is actually the more commonly used equipment in the processing of metal coils, and, on its merits will be more obvious, and, on the metal slitting machine in the layout will be more reasonable, followed by, on its operation will be very convenient, on its degree of automation is also The degree of automation will be very high.

For the metal slitting machine, we actually have to pay attention to its high production efficiency, work precision is also very high, can process out different kinds of cold-rolled or hot-rolled coil, silicon steel plate, the next words, which will include stainless steel plate, color plate, aluminium plate and after electroplating or after the coating of different kinds of metal plate, slitting process is also will include the release and winding two The slitting process includes both unwinding and winding.

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Slitting machines are mainly used to slit wide coils into narrow coils. In the system analysis of the unwinding process, to a large extent it will also require constant tension control, at this time, it will also be through the frequency converter to achieve tension control; roller type live sets of ferry bridge has 1 group; ferry bridge up and down the hydraulic hydraulic cylinder for control; the next words, on the independent scrap winder will also be 2, with automatic line, scrap winding will also have up and down function, on this In terms of this, torque motors will be used.

In terms of the tension control of the unwinding and winding, the key automation link of the slitting machine has 1 set of electronic control system; in this way, the dynamic process of the entire winding, which is to ensure constant tension; guiding device and its up force generating station: 1 group.

When it comes to the slitting machine tension controller on the control principle is also through the detection of the winding line speed to calculate the volume diameter, load torque = F * D / 2 (F for the set tension, D is actually refers to the current volume diameter), it is because of this, after setting the size of the tension, because the current volume diameter through the calculation already know, for its load torque is also able to be calculated.

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