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How to solve the problems encountered in the work of self-adhesive slitting machine?

When the self-adhesive slitting machine is working, first of all, we actually have to pay attention to the width of the original paper, in general, in fact, it will be marked above the size of 3-5mm, special conditions will jump out of this range, for example, the original paper specifications for 1185mm, we can actually adjust the knife for 1190.

Furthermore, in the case where the original paper part is larger than 1190, we actually have to pay attention to the phenomenon that the paper tray at the edge will have burrs. When encountering this situation, we should pay attention to the fact that it should be possible to stop the self-adhesive slitting machine to loosen a meeting knife and so on to run for a while, in order to tighten the knife on both sides.

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In addition, the self-adhesive slitting machine in the work of the time, on its slitting to a period of time the right part of the paper plate protruding phenomenon, in terms of this, in fact, is because of its operation at the beginning of the time, the side of it to get the paper is not pulled tight, this time, we should actually pay attention to should be in the machine to start cutting strips, to appropriate pad into the paper strip then also can be avoided.

When adding the core of the paper core inside diameter is relatively large, in this regard, we will actually notice that it is to a certain extent directly after the expansion of the air shaft can not lock the paper core, in view of this, the paper core in the rotation, to a large extent, in fact, because of the sliding directly caused by the phenomenon of deflection, then, we are actually the core of the paper into the air shaft when to Check the size of the inner diameter of the paper core.

Next, for the slitting machine, it is to a certain extent able to provide small width products on the slitting. If the width of the product is small, it is not suitable or not possible to slit on the winder. In fact, we can use the slitting machine offline slitting method.

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