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Slitting machine in operation before and during the operation of the relevant operating procedures

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Slitting machine in the operation before, that is, we must pay attention to is to wear good labor protective equipment, and in this, which will include work clothes, helmets and its work shoes and other related supplies. Check whether there will be debris on top of the slitting machine equipment, if so, must be immediately to remove clean. After that, when the machine is running, no objects can be placed on its rotating parts.

Slitting machine equipment around can not store flammable and explosive products, this time is also to pay attention to the need to do a good job of fire prevention measures; check the oil level in the oil tank is not normal, observe the oil quality is not deterioration, for each lubrication point should also pay attention to lubrication; after that is to pay attention to check the control valve, pipe, knife mouth and its spindle and other parts have no wear and cracks, to ensure that Bolts do not appear loose; electrical wiring can not appear broken, the electrical box can not have a bad smell or abnormal.

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Slitting machine in the actual operation, must be to start its circulating water, after that is to pay attention to must be to start the cold water cycle, but also to pay attention to check whether this equipment can work properly.

Turn on the power supply of the slitting machine, confirm that the power indicator light is on, start the motor, let it run for 30 seconds to 1 minute, during this period, we actually have to pay attention to must be to check whether the motor can be normal operation, pay attention to can not have a strange noise. Point running, that is, to pay attention to must be closed knife frame, after checking the knife mouth of the situation and the tightening of the bolt, and then press material can be.

For the continuous or single operation of the longitudinal shear equipment, first to choose continuous or single operation, and then press the shear switch for shear operation, if the unexpected situation, that is, we must pay attention to go to press the emergency button. When shearing, the side of the material is strictly prohibited to stand people. Slitting machine equipment in the operation, press the stop button, after turning off the power, pay attention to clean up the equipment hygiene, after that is to pay attention to do a good job related to the rain and moisture measures.

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