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Slitting Machine Plane Positioning and Elevation Adjustment

Slitting machine equipment plane positioning and elevation adjustment

Speaking of the plane positioning of the slitting machine equipment, in order to ensure the accurate positioning of the slitting machine equipment on the foundation, the equipment should be lifted into position after the center plate has been set, hanging the reference line. The base line should also be hung according to the equipment installation accuracy requirements and hanging span of 0.3 ~ 0.75mm diameter of the whole steel line, on its tension is generally 40% ~ 80% of the steel line breaking tension, horizontal or inclined hanging span is not suitable for more than 40m.

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But according to the different specifications of the slitting machine equipment is that there will be a little difference. The specific situation should be arranged specifically. And in this, on the reference line should be hung on the top of the line frame for easy adjustment, with the line hammer on the center, after the center should also lock the steel line with lockable pulleys, so that the steel line in use when the displacement does not occur. But the use of the period should be regularly rechecked to prevent the displacement of the steel line.

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Slitting machine equipment plane positioning, another method is to use the rocking arm measurement method, this method is suitable for the rotation and high precision requirements of the equipment, the use of this method, to a large extent can be adjusted to check the verticality of the equipment for the unit centerline. It is more common to use this method when installing rolls, live sets of rolls, winder reels, etc., including rolls with roller channels.

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Slitting machine equipment elevation adjustment, on its installation elevation should be to choose the main working surface of the equipment as the measurement benchmark or measurement datum (such as the upper plane of the mill base). According to the sexual reference point, must be set in the slitting equipment near an auxiliary reference point, to facilitate the installation of equipment in the process of elevation adjustment.

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Slitting machine equipment elevation measurement method, the surface of the base should be to pay attention to go to place a flat ruler, placed on top of the flat ruler level, after that, that is, we must pay attention to is to use the inside diameter micrometer to measure the distance between the lower plane of the ruler and the reference point h, the reference point elevation and the sum of h is also the base surface elevation. For the more important equipment, after that is to pay attention to must be to use the precision level for remeasurement can.

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