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A Brief Introduction to the Slitting Machine Slitting Process

About the slitting machine cutting, we actually have to pay attention to, no matter for the slitting host, or winder their spindle will be relatively high tension brake, and in its own words, it is also able to adjust the circuit, or in relatively special circumstances to carry out emergency brake, in this way, it is also able to prevent the loosening of the steel coil.

Next, when it comes to slitting machine cutting, for its edge wire he used is also refers to the tension of the coil, next, on its own, there will be a slip on the structure, can be better to improve the stability of the machinery. On the current mechanical slitting machine he used to separate the transmission, can be better on the mechanical rigidity of a series of improvements, altitude slitting machine blade amplitude will also be reduced, so that the quality of the product can be guaranteed.

Next, we actually have to pay attention to the slitting machine pressure mechanism used is the hydraulic adjustable combination, for its own pressure will be very stable, and, on the other hand, it is actually with the diameter of the larger and up, so that it can be very good to press the steel coil.

In addition, the slitting machine is designed to further improve the tightness of the winding itself. And when it comes to the damping structure, it is used to have better elasticity and abrasion resistance, so that it can directly ensure the smoothness of the production to a large extent.

When it comes to the slitting machine equipment, we actually have to pay attention to it is able to edit the program design, the next is also able to follow the performance of the ground plate to a series of automatic switching of the production line, so that we can actually be obvious to the slitting machine equipment to further improve the efficiency of the operation.

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