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Slitting Machines and Related Tension Issues

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In the introduction to the slitting machine equipment before, we actually have to pay attention to if it is to evaluate a system of good and bad, the key words, in fact, is to pay attention to see if the system can reach the required process requirements, to make the slitting machine system can be better to achieve the required process requirements, must use the more design ideas to design.

And on the slitting machine tension system, it must be noted that must have good mechanical and electrical properties, otherwise, the actual use of the time to pay attention to its design ideas and mechanical and electrical technology is bound to be unable to keep up, the effect is also on paper. In terms of the current form, on our slitting machine manufacturing industry can be described as uneven, to note that some enterprises produce slitting machine is still along the technology used by foreign decades ago, there will be some problems.

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The more common, the slitting machine equipment in the use of this machine automation level will have a lot of room for improvement; at the same time, the equipment in the actual use of the time, but also to pay attention to because of the relatively backward technology and production process, the stability of the equipment will seem poor.

Next, we actually have to pay attention to the slitting machine equipment tension control problem, in addition to the steady state when the line speed is constant, after the system must also be required to be in a constant tension unwinding state and variable tension winding state, refers to the winding process, the winding tension must be accompanied by the increase in the winding radius and the appropriate adjustment, which is actually the so-called tension taper control.

The role of the tension taper control on the slitting machine equipment, in this regard, in fact, is to prevent the increase in internal stress of the coil, so that the strip near the core of the axis because of the extrusion of the deformation of the bad wrinkles and produce scrap, at the same time, is bound to cause the edge of the adjacent plate between the strip overlap each other and the phenomenon of the inability to split the plate.

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