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How often is it better to clean the slitting machine?

For the use of slitting machine, we must pay attention to our machine for daily inspection, weekly inspection, and monthly inspection, for daily inspection, that is, our daily inspection, in our usual use of slitting machine, is certainly to pay attention to some matters, but the specific attention to what, we still need to pay attention to.

We for slitting machine, before the start of the work, is certainly to warm up the machine, and we in the warm-up time, should also pay attention to listen to the noise, as long as there is noise, we should also immediately stop the machine, then also to find some skilled workers our machine directly on the overhaul can be, but for every day after work, we must also pay attention to the machine for wipe, on the Our machine is also to ensure that the clean condition can be.

For the longitudinal shearing machine itself, in terms of its cleaning cycle, every month to check the machine’s machine, then the words is the oil tank in the oil pipe to check to see if it is normal, whether it can be used normally, simply look at the words, is to check the oil quality, to see if it is normal.

In addition, for the slitting machine distribution box, is also to see if it is what debris into, for these jobs, is also to regularly choose to carry out every month to be. If we have too much debris in the tank, it should be cleaned annually or semi-annually, and some bearings of the motor should be refueled in a timely manner, and this work should be done once a year directly.

When we find the motor coupling parts of the slitting machine, when it occurs wear, we should also promptly find professional staff to its direct replacement, and on the slitting machine itself, it is also a large machine with a high price, so for the use of the time, it is necessary to remember to daily, monthly inspection, so as to avoid damage to the machine can.

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