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How to classify slitting line blades


Slitter Blade is now widely used in various fields. From the point of view of the use of slitter blades, it is mainly used for slitting and trimming of industrial materials. The product can be used in various paper products processing, adhesive tape products, rubber , aluminum foil, chemical fiber, non-manufactured cloth, composite packaging materials, leather and other products . However, the quality of round blades on the market is uneven. The Slitting Blade Manufacturer talks about some characteristics of the production and selection of round blades below. No matter what type of round blade or round blade of the material, the cutting when in use, they must withstand the force of the cutting blade to the circular blade at high speed. A good round blade must have strong abrasion resistance and sharpness to adapt to the frictional force of the cut object, and at the same time have a certain impact resistance, while preventing contact with the object when rotating at high speed a cracked condition. A round blade of good material should meet the following basic characteristics:

Slitting steel blade new
slitting cutting blade new

1. Hardness

In general, the better the material, the higher the hardness achieved by quenching. If the common material is quenched to a very high hardness, the toughness of the round blade will be destroyed and the blade will crack. Therefore, the quenching hardness of round blades must depend on the material. The hardness of the round blade should be much greater than the hardness of the slitting material. Generally, the quenching interval for heat treatment is HRC55-64 °.

2. Abrasion resistance

The wear resistance of the blade is proportional to the hardness. The better the material used for the round blade, the higher the hardness, the better the wear resistance.

3. Heat resistance

Heat resistance refers to the hardness, toughness, strength and abrasion resistance of steel under high temperature environment. Usually the red hardness of steel is used to measure the quality of round inserts. The material with greater red hardness can withstand cutting speed. The higher.

4. Stability

Stability refers to the degree to which the crystal of the material of the cutting blade is changed during the heat treatment of the blade. At present, the heat treatment methods of slitter blades include vacuum quenching, salt bath quenching, and electric furnace quenching. Different quenching methods have a very important impact on the stability of the blade material.

The above are the characteristics of slitting circular blades introduced by Slitter Rewinder Machinery Manufacturer in production.

Slitting Blade new

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