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Slitting Machine Knowledge Advantages and Applications

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Advantages of slitting equipment for slitting machines:

Slitting machine slitting equipment in the layout is very reasonable, the operation is also very convenient, the level of automation on this itself is relatively high, the production efficiency is also very high, the work accuracy is high, slitting machine slitting equipment can process a variety of cold-rolled, hot-rolled coil, silicon steel plate, stainless steel plate, color plate, aluminum plate and after electroplating or after painting all kinds of metal plates.

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The application of slitting machine slitting equipment:

Slitting machine slitting equipment is relatively widely used in automotive, agricultural vehicles, containers, home appliances, packaging, building materials and other metal sheet processing industry. Slitting machine slitting equipment is a kind of equipment for longitudinal slitting of wide rolls of material. So various industries have the term in use, then you can understand from the scope of use.

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Composition of slitting equipment for slitting machines:

Slitting machine slitting equipment in the feeding cart: 1, the steel coil sent to the front of the hydraulic uncoiler, the steel coil bore center up to the height of the uncoiler center, and then into the uncoiler expansion cylinder up tight, the cart down back to the original position; equipment has a roller type live sleeve ferry bridge, 1 group, ferry bridge up and down hydraulic hydraulic cylinder type specification is φ 80 550mm; on the dynamic side guide guide device, each side of 2 vertical guide wheel, material Cr12MoV,HRC58-61 Clamping roller device: PU rubber roller.

Slitting machine slitting equipment for slitting paper category, which is actually the mainstream of the current packaging equipment, packaging market is often visible; for slitting metal coil: such as slitting strip, stainless steel which is mainly used for steel processing manufacturers (steel market operators, rolling mills, electrical industry, automotive, stamping parts, etc.) for slitting leather, cloth, plastic, film and other industries in demand.

The slitting machine slitting equipment also includes 2 independent scrap winders with automatic line, scrap winding with up and down function, using torque motor drive; this slitting machine slitting equipment also has a discharge cart, the discharge cart will slit the finished product from the winding expansion cylinder unloading. In this slitting machine slitting equipment in the power 380V50Hz 3 phase 4 wire system, power supply to the equipment general control box.

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