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Focused Commissioning Methods on Flattening Machines

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For the different open machine equipment debugging method, in fact, is more or less the same, when we start the open machine equipment on the punch press, this time will also be clockwise direction to rotate the speed of the feeder to adjust the screws, must pay attention to the slider movement above a slightly slower, can be a large degree of direct look at the slider to move back and forth when will not touch the nylon Shims and length adjustment screws.

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When commissioning the flattening machine, it is important to check that the feeding direction is correct before switching on the power. If the speed of the punching machine can be kept unchanged, the feeding interval is also to be noted from long to short, attention should be paid to the guide screw upward adjustment, in order to look forward to reduce the floating rod down interval.

After that for the flattening machine equipment can be in the commissioning time, is to note that must be in accordance with the clockwise direction of the rotation speed to adjust the screws, so that for its feeding can also cooperate with the punching machine speed.

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Adjust the interval between the material frame and the leveling machine equipment to the feeder, followed by, for according to the speed of the punching machine and its feeder feeding length, to adjust the interval appropriately, and to pay attention to adjust the interval, this, for the equipment in the leveling of the material after speaking, that is, can smoothly into the feeder equipment and moulds to go. To a large extent, to ensure the leveling machine equipment in the use of the processing efficiency and use of quality.

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When it comes to the height adjustment and batch setting of the leveller equipment, attention must be paid to adjusting the height according to the printed object. At the same time, it is possible to reduce the maintenance of the flattening machine in practice.

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