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Improving the Productivity of Slitting Line

Along with the equipment can not only complete the basic shear work, and then for saving manpower, improve material flow, improve shear accuracy and cut quality, and on the use of longitudinal shear equipment, to a large extent, that is, to enhance safety and other aspects have also been very significant improvements. About this series of productivity improvements in the end how to do we will briefly introduce it.

Rotary Shear CTL Line case 23

Longitudinal shear equipment on the right blocking arm and support arm, about this longitudinal shear is also used to trim the edge to take straight, used as the front blocking material and support longer plate material are the credit of its right blocking arm. But as far as the support arm is mainly in front of the longitudinal shear to support the material, not only that, the equipment can also be used together with the appropriate front stopper plate to measure the role of the sheared parts.

In addition to the positive stop arm and support arm support role, for the slitting machine equipment on the plate support device is also bound to be able to play a direct role in the same effect. But this time we should also pay attention to about this device is installed in the back of the blade, so that the material against the backstop and play a supporting role for the material, so that it can also prevent the material from sagging, to ensure the accurate position of the cut.

metal slitting line 1

In terms of the lubrication system. Slitting machine equipment will also have a manual centralized lubrication system, there are also automatic lubrication system. This time will also be in the same position on the multiple lubrication points to provide the right amount of lubrication there, a good degree of lubrication makes the equipment use more smoothly.

After that there will be a more important point is the adjustment of the gap between the slitting machine equipment, which itself will be divided into manual and automatic two. Of course, no matter which one it is, it can also be better to complete the adjustment of the reverse side of the gap between the knife mouth, so that it can be cut with the material thickness, size, type of want to meet, to improve the effect of shearing. There are many, many more, these devices even if a single look is not very impressive, but the use of the slitting machine equipment, the effect is also very obvious.

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