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Transformation of the Signal Of The Slitting And Flattening Machine System

When it comes to the transformation of the signal of the slitting and leveling machine system, to a large extent the line will be directly transformed into an analog quantity by the digital-to-analog converter, and then, in its own words, there will be an analog quantity to control the current, and its role will be in the input of the servo valve or the proportional valve of the slitting and leveling machine system.

In this way, the response signal on the slitting and leveling machine will, to a large extent, be converted into a digital quantity by the analog-to-digital converter in the opposite way, that is, directly into the computer. This method of signal conversion is also to pay attention to the need for high-precision control.

Rotary Shear CTL Line case 28

Immediately after, the transformation of the signal of the slitting and flattening machine system will include the high-speed switching valve method. The signal conversion process is relatively simple, first of all, it should be noted that the high-speed torque motor should be used to drive the opening fixed switching valve, so that it will largely lose its operation.

Furthermore, our slitting and leveling machine system will use the digital signal output from the computer to control the switching valve, so to speak, we actually have to pay attention to its switch in terms of the words will be in the opening and closing of two operating conditions, if the response back to the signal to the digital method back to the computer, to a large extent, it will also be directly completed a transformation process.

The transformation of the signal of the slitting and flattening machine system will actually include the stepper motor method, in terms of this method, the stepper motor controller will be used, and, to a large extent, the signal will actually be directly transformed by it. In this, the number of pulses on the slitting and flattening machine system determines the angle of the stepper motor.

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