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Control Systems and Hydraulic Systems for Flattening Machines

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When it comes to the control system of the flattening machine, first of all, the main structure of the flattening machine will be composed of upper rollers and lower sticks, and the upper and lower rollers will act on the top of the steel plate, which will make it easier to transport and make the rolled steel plate into a flat form; for the steel coil flattening machine to be used PLC programmable controller for the flattening machine equipment to control.

Selecting the right slitting machine structure

First go to select the PLC model, after that will also be based on the workflow of the flattening machine to draw the PLC control schematic, the preparation of the PLC program, after the inevitable drawing ladder diagram; on the control part of the equipment can be selected PLC program to write, determine the PLC model, and then allocate I/O points, through the action sequence analysis to draw the flow chart, after that will also be through the knowledge of PLC programming, the preparation of the ladder diagram and control schematic.

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When it comes to the hydraulic system of the unscrambler, the actual use of the equipment is inevitably through the uncoiling, lead material, longitudinal shearing and palletizing, etc., after which the coil will also be processed into the required fixed-length size of the automatic processing equipment. The machine is operated with a series of axial injection devices such as loading trolleys, guides and hydraulic sleeves.

The flattening machine is also centrally controlled by a numerical control panel, with a relatively high degree of automation, high production efficiency and high working accuracy. The coil can be loaded at one time to achieve the smooth completion of each process, reducing the labour intensity of workers at work, and has a relatively high cost performance.

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The main components of the hydraulic system on the leveller are high-precision components, and the electrical control uses imported program controllers and touch screens for full-line function control, which has a very high degree of automation and also has a relatively high leveling quality.

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