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Tips for how to solve problem during operating Slitting Line?

Tips for how to solve problem during operating Slitting Line-1


  1. The operator should wear protective equipment to prevent accidents such as scratching fingers and palms.
  2. During the operation of the steel plate, it is strictly forbidden for operators to approach the scrap edge coiler to prevent the edge wire of the slitting machine from suddenly breaking and hurting people; it is strictly forbidden to stand behind the coiler to prevent accidental loose coiling.
  3. When the waste edge wire is broken or separated from the guidepost baffle, the machine should be stopped and then processed.
  4. It is strictly forbidden to forcibly press down the upper scissors when there is a steel plate to avoid knife collapse
  5. Pay attention to the surface and edge quality of the blank during operation, do not knock randomly, and it is strictly forbidden to touch the edge of the board by hand during the production process.
  6. When the coil or the cut steel is found to have serious defects and the accuracy is out of tolerance, the operation should be stopped and dealt with in time.
  7. Common problems and countermeasures in the process of slitting:
    (1) When the coil is cut continuously, check the overlap of the cutter head, the knife-edge, and the cutter head for looseness.
    (2) When burrs are found on the edge of the board, check the flatness of the cutter head and the quality of the knife edge.
    (3) When the edge of the board is torn, check the gap and parallelism of the upper and lower cutter heads.
    (4) When a tower shape appears during rewinding, check whether the unwinding, disc cutter, and separator are on the same centerline.
    (5) When loose coiling occurs, first tie up the plate head with iron wire or tape, and then use a steel rod or device to lift and unwind the coil.
  1. If abnormal sound, vibration, and heat generation are found in the unit equipment during production, it should be stopped immediately for an inspection.
  2. When the hydraulic system fails or leaks, stop the oil pump in time.
  3. During the slitting process, if the blade is found to be dull or broken, the operation should be stopped.

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