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Have you Understood the Role of Automatic Slitting Machine?

When it comes to the role of automatic slitting machine, the first point to note is that it should be used for slitting small width products. Immediately after, because the width of the product is relatively small, it is not suitable or can not be slit on the winding machine. In this regard, we actually need to pay attention to the slitting machine to achieve offline slitting.

Next, we should pay attention to the use of automatic slitting machine to achieve the rewinding of small roll length products. When the product roll length is small, it is important to note that to a large extent, it is not suitable or can not be slit on the winding machine, it is necessary to slit the machine for offline rewinding.

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In addition, the automatic slitting machine is able to change the size of the paper tube when it is in use. When the paper size of the fabric roll is different from the core size of the winder, it is necessary to replace the winding bar on the slitter for offline rewinding.

Immediately after, the fully automatic slitting machine can be used to achieve the quality of the product rewind check face. In view of this, we should pay attention to the fact that, to a large extent, the automatic slitting machine is required to have a relatively high operating speed, to maintain the flatness of the cutting edge, and then, to a large extent, to achieve the operation of the flat blanket and the convenience and reliability of its operation, and, when it is actually used, the degree of automation on its own The machine is highly automated and can be accurately controlled.

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When the automatic slitting machine is used to cut the original paper, if the original paper part is larger than 1190, the paper tray at the edge will appear burrs. When this happens, it should be noted that it should be stopped first to loosen a meeting knife and so on to run for a while, and then it should also be noted to tighten both sides of the knife.

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