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Electrical System and Work Cycle Operation on Flattening Machine

Electrical system and work cycle operation

When it comes to the electrical system on the flattening machine, we actually have to note that the whole line will be centrally controlled by PLC, and then, the electrical system on the flattening machine will actually use DC motors to drive the leveling motors, and DC governors to regulate the speed of operation or servo motors to drive the roll feeder.

Immediately afterwards, we actually have to pay attention to the use of the electrical system on the flattening machine, the production line will actually be equipped with adjustment, manual, automatic three different ways of working; and in order to facilitate our operation, the whole line will also be set up more than one console, and its main console, in terms of words, will actually be configured touch screen.

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The electrical system on the flattening machine will also have length setting, shear counting, and next, to a large extent, it should be noted that the speed should be adjusted, next, there will be fault diagnosis, status display or system protection and other functions; and there is an emergency full-line immediate stop device, limited to use in case of emergency.

Furthermore, when the flattening machine production line is in operation, the lead material mechanism, in terms of itself, will be in a feeding state, after the plate material has been levelled by the flattening machine, it will be transported through the middle, after correction and positioning, it will enter the sizing device, according to its set size, accurate to the shearing machine for feeding.

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When the production line of the shearing machine is in production, it will stop feeding when it reaches the set size, and the signal will be transmitted directly to the shearing machine equipment, and the shearing machine will be able to cut off the plate, and the cut plate material will fall directly onto the hydraulic lifting table, which will be controlled by the electric control system.

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