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Slitting Machine will Face what Kind of Problems?

When it comes to the slitting machine slitting equipment facing the failure, first of all, in fact, is a more common failure, including collapse of the roll failure. After the slitting machine in the slitting, from the winder to take off, the volume of material presented oval, in terms of this, in fact, is because the tension in the winding when there is a lack of tension, this time, we actually have to pay attention to increase the tension can be.

Immediately after, for the slitting machine slitting equipment, it is actually the phenomenon of uneven edges of the steel coil, first of all, it is because the tension is not enough to cause the phenomenon of uneven take-up. This is because the tension is relatively small when winding, but the tension is too large before the end of winding, in terms of this, it will be easier to appear the edge of the uneven phenomenon, in terms of its countermeasures, we can actually increase the tension at the beginning, and then, it is also necessary to pay attention to the appropriate to reduce the tension before the end.

slitting line

The face of the slitting machine slitting equipment winding uneven tension caused by the phenomenon of uneven receipt of material, most likely because the head of the board is not flush or in the insertion of the winder jaws when not flush, in the face of this situation, we should actually pay attention to the head of the material should be cut down with flush shears, so that it becomes a right angle, followed by its entry into the winder jaws, which is to ensure that the two ends of the material parallel.

If the longitudinal shear slitting equipment of the steel plate head in the wrong position into the jaws of the winder, and led to its receipt of material is not flush.

This is actually because the position of the slitting machine before the slitting partition plate, the slitting material pressed into the position of the head partition plate, the steel plate material head inserted into the position of the winder jaws is not correct or inconsistent, for the steel plate around the change in tension, to a large extent, in fact, will cause the slitting machine equipment on the receipt of uneven, in terms of this point, we should actually pay attention to ensure that the three positions on the basically the same.

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