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The Importance of Repeated of Steel Plate Slitting Machine and Blade Material Selection

Reproducibility of steel plate slitting machine is important: 

Steel plate slitting shear repeatability is actually more important at present, because it represents the shearing equipment in the selection of the overall processing accuracy determined when the basic parameters of the impact factors and processing density of shearing tools is reasonable and relevant. Steel plate slitting machine tool can be very good to cut out the material, the tool has a direct impact on the processing effect.

About the steel plate slitting machine equipment, there are many types of tools to choose from, in the selection of tools to do a good job, according to their needs and uses to choose the tool. Good tools can enable us to shorten the processing time and improve the efficiency of the steel plate slitting machine equipment in carrying out the work. Simply put, to get better processing results of the slitting machine that we need to have higher requirements for the knife.

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Steel plate slitting machine equipment in the choice of blade material importance:

Longitudinal shear blade in terms of wear resistance, in the mechanical cutting process often requires a high degree of hardness of the mechanical blade material, or a long time to cut, these mechanical blade wear is often large, in terms of this aspect, on the side of its impact on the efficiency of the cutting time, as well as the industry now values the cutting quality of the impact factors.

On our company in the choice of steel plate slitting machine equipment blade wear, adding a series of very good design, which in the blade style selected round hole design, by reducing friction and thus wear will be significantly reduced, but also greatly reduce the wear and tear of the blade, undoubtedly not to maintain the quality of round blade cutting, to maintain a long cutting efficiency of a good guarantee, to improve the very large factors.

Steel plate longitudinal shear equipment blade material in the actual use of the time, there are major industries known as the super God’s ability to automatically repair. Affect the service life of the general blade of the big factors, naturally, is affected by the maintenance of some of the round blades on the market now is subject to maintenance and thus lead to blade life is affected, each repair will lead to the next repair time correspondingly short cut. But our steel plate longitudinal shearing machine blade material because of the automatic repair ability, do not worry about the above problem.

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