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Slitting Equipment has become the Leader in the Market

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The quality of the cutting section of the metal Slitting Machine will continue to increase, which requires that the speed of the slitter blade in the horizontal direction in the cutting area should be consistent with the maximum speed of the rolled product. In order to achieve this purpose, a uniform speed mechanism is often set in the slitting machine, and some slitting machines are also equipped with a gap adjustment mechanism. The improvement of these equipment has caused the structure of the slitter to become more and more complicated. Therefore, it can be seen that the biggest development trend of the slitting machine is that the mechanism is complex, but the cutting quality is correspondingly improved, the performance of the slitting machine is getting better and better, and the functions are increasing. First of all, the rolling line production is getting more and more advanced, and the rolling speed is getting faster and faster. The manual operation can no longer adapt to the development of the rolling process. In order to prevent the manual operation from hindering the improvement of the rolling process, the rolling process must be required. The degree of automation in China is getting higher and higher, so that it can meet the requirements of modern industrial development. The control of industrial development and the improvement of mechatronics provide necessary conditions for the development of automation.

In the market, many slitting machines are operated with outdated control systems. This is far from satisfying the rapidly developing industry at this stage. We must change the appearance of slitting machines into old ones and adopt advanced control systems. Such as advanced electrical sensors. Because the old slitting machine control system has a certain lag in the operation of crimping and feeding control, it will affect the processing and production of the equipment and affect the efficiency of processing. Generally, the slitting machines we use are single operation crimping, and the operation is relatively passive. This is very inconvenient for the operator. It requires too much labor and requires manual control throughout the process, which is very inconvenient. In order to improve the performance of the slitting machine, we need to improve its structure. We use an automated control system and a double coiler to complete a series of coils and feeds to achieve simple operation. If we can solve the above deficiencies in the development of slitting machines, I believe that the slitting machines will be able to reoccupy the market and regain recognition. Of course, this also requires our joint efforts to achieve.

At present, the level of automation of slitting machines produced in China is still at the middle and lower levels. Although the use of domestic control components has become very popular and the price is relatively low, the domestic Slitting Machine Manufacturer is far behind the developed countries in terms of depth Level, especially in the control system with the structure of the slitter, and the lack of organic combination of the material to be cut, at this level, the majority of domestic slitters remain on the thick lines, have not been deeper understand the rigor and rationality of the slitter control system. Domestic slitter manufacturers should start from the above directions to find a way to meet the principle of slitter control slitting, and to make the best use of the functions provided by the hardware. With the development of domestic enterprises’ energy saving and environmental protection, the Slitter Blade has ushered in a golden development period; due to the introduction of relevant national favorable policies, the high-efficiency tool industry is becoming a major emerging industry under the characteristics of low carbon, and it is a slitter that meets environmental protection standards. Blade products will usher in a broad market.

Today’s slitting machine equipment has also become a leader in the market, but for the industry, there are still many problems when purchasing a slitting machine, because if you choose a slitting machine with defective quality, Then in the future put into use will encounter a lot of problems, and because of their own quality differences, the number of maintenance also increased a lot, wasting a lot of maintenance costs. So how to choose a slitting machine brand that is most suitable for you and has a guaranteed quality at the same time is very important. In the domestic slitting machine market, although there are some inferior equipment, It wasn’t that difficult for the staff to choose carefully. First of all, when many industries in the industry purchase slitting machines, they can first get a detailed understanding of each brand through the network, and understand the brand’s after-sales service and user reviews according to various aspects.

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