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Pay Attention points during operating Slitting Machine

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How to operate slitting machine  is mainly introduced from the four parts of preparation, running, usage attention, hydraulic station and pipelines, so that everyone can learn more thoroughly and master more deeply.

  • Preparation
  1. Electricians, fitters, etc. should obtain operating qualification certificates.
  2. Each button of the console should be in the zero position, and the switches of each power supply and electric control cabinet should be in a closed state.
  3. The surrounding area of the equipment should be kept clean and tidy without any debris.
  4. Start the pump station, and then connect the gas source.
  • During run
  1. Switch between linkage mode and looper mode.
  2. Start the unit, and then increase the speed. If there is no abnormality, it should be increased to high speed to make the unit run at high speed.
  3. Start the waste edge coiler and adjust its speed to be consistent with the speed of the unit.
  4. When there is only a small amount of steel strip on the decoiler drum, reduce the speed of the unit, generally to 20-30 m/min.
  5. Stop, and then measure the thickness of the strip to find out the over-thick part.
  6. After that, cut off the tail
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  • Precautions for use
  1. Operators must have an operating certificate before they can work.
  2. Mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic equipment should be normal, and it is strictly forbidden to work with illness.
  3. Before starting the machine, confirm whether the position of each button is in the correct position, that there is no foreign matter around the equipment, and that no one is in the danger zone.
  4. When the equipment is running, if there are abnormal phenomena, such as noise, vibration, heat, and smoke, etc., stop immediately, find the cause, and eliminate the problem.
  • Hydraulic station and pipeline
  1. The two pumps cannot be started and operated at the same time, and the pressure of the hydraulic station cannot be adjusted without authorization. If there is any problem, the maintenance personnel should be dealt with.
  2. In case of oil leakage or fuel injection, stop and check immediately before handling.
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