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Maintenance & Processing Troubleshooting

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Speaking of slitting machine equipment maintenance, maintenance, we actually have to pay attention to the good maintenance in order to make the slitting machine equipment life seems longer, to ensure that the slitting machine equipment can have better operation, because of this, the slitting machine equipment can also let the user with more smooth, so about the slitting machine equipment maintenance and maintenance methods we will briefly introduce it.

Slitting machine equipment before use, for lubricating oil pouring all the vernier; equipment on the sliding table screw nut and its bearings, should pay attention to the use of grease lubrication; after attention to go to the regular inspection of the slitting machine bearing part of the sound and temperature rise, when necessary, should be re-applied grease; in the slitting machine table with a little oil to prevent when moving the slide.

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Slitting machine equipment maintenance and maintenance, on a daily basis before using the equipment should be added to the oil, uncoiler and winder reel on a total of eight press-in oil mark. After that, we actually have to pay attention to the slitting machine equipment in the processing time found in the direction of the width of its steel plate through the crease, will also be called the waist crease. There are more reasons for this.

When slitting machine equipment is processed, if the waist crease is produced by the rolled knife, in this case, it is because the outer diameter of the rubber ring on one side of the product is too small, and the steel belt will be involved in the knife. The way to prevent this is to increase the height of the rubber ring as much as possible without creating a knife mark. However, in the case of narrow multi-strip processing, the use of press work can also effectively prevent the appearance of rolled knives.

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Slitting machine equipment processing, because the shape of the raw material caused by the waist crease, for the middle of the steel plate stretching larger steel coil longitudinal shear processing, the uncoiler is bound to produce waist crease. At this time, we should also pay attention to the use of three rollers while leveling side processing can be effectively prevented, so that is to ensure the quality of processing.

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