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slitting machine

Slitting machine equipment knife shaft, on its diameter φ120mm (h7), knife shaft effective length is in 650mm, key width 16mm; material 40Cr forging, tempering HB240 ∽ 260, rough machining, medium frequency treatment, grinding, hard chrome plating, regrinding; slitting machine equipment on the knife shaft runout is not more than 0.02mm, shoulder runout is less than 0.01mm. (knife shaft specifications according to the model (Matching dimensions).

The knife shafts of the slitting machine are rotated by universal couplings (2), synchronous gearboxes and powered by AC15KW frequency-controlled transmission (motor power is matched). The synchronous gear box is welded with steel plate, after qualitative treatment, boring machine precision machining bearing holes, gears will also use 40Cr forging, quenching HB247278, quenching HRC38∽45. on its knife shaft locking, will use the nut to lock the tool, left and right spin nuts have 1; on its blade diameter is also ф240mm (the actual size of the knife shaft match).

Automatic Cold Rolled Slitter Machine

Slitting machine equipment in the principle of constant tension control, for the process of winding and rewinding in the essence of constant tension control, need to know the load in the operation of the change in volume diameter, and because the volume diameter changes, resulting in order to maintain the operation of the load, the slitting machine equipment also requires the output torque of the motor to follow the changes in volume diameter and change. For the V series inverter, it is possible to do torque control, so that the control of constant tension in the winding can also be completed.

The V series inverter provides three analogue input ports, AUI, AVI and ACI, for constant tension control in slitting machines, and the three analogue input ports can be defined for various functions, so that any one of them can be used for torque setting and the other for speed limiting.

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The constant tension control in slitting machines corresponds to the inverter output of 0 to 10v for the rated torque of the motor, and this is done by adjusting the voltage from 0 to 10v to complete the constant tension control. But for the slitting machine equipment, the calculation of the volume diameter part must also be noted through the tension controller to calculate, but must be used to achieve the PLC architecture is also no problem.

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