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The Configuration Parameters of The Slitter

When it comes to deflection slitting machines, they actually mean multi-knife slitting machines. They are suitable for the slitting of hard plastic fabrics, leather materials and other multi-knife sheets.

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The infinitely long slitting machine is also called a circular slitting machine, which is suitable for slitting or other materials at a fixed size, and because the working area is relatively large, it is suitable for slitting of materials with a larger area, so that it saves time for us to a large extent and also avoids the consumption of small areas.

Corrective slitting machine equipment is in fact one of the necessary equipment for colour steel processing, generally speaking, it can be used to divide into long slats of different widths, with bending machines folded into different shapes to do colour steel accessories, which is for simple slitting machine, when divided, it will be divided into three knives, five knives, 10 knives below, and slightly more complex, which will also be divided into slitting and flat The flattening or shearing machine is more convenient to use.

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Next, when it comes to the use of the slitting machine, as mentioned above, it will be designed and manufactured specifically for the slitting of thin materials such as plastic, nylon and cloth. And in terms of this slitting machine, we actually have to pay attention to the higher production efficiency, more stable quality, easier to operate, easier to adjust, with easy maintenance and other characteristics.

The structure of the slitting machine is more compact, easy to install, easy to transport, small area, low noise; after that, the slitting machine equipment in the use of the slitting machine, all the accessories will appear to be domestic, the main parts can be chrome plated; this equipment is used is the electromagnetic speed motor, the slitting speed is fast will appear to be very arbitrary.

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