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How To Improve Product Precision to slitting machine?

Improve Product Precision to slitting machine 1
  • The diameter and thickness of the disc knife:

The diameter of the disc cutter determines the shearing angle. The larger the outer diameter, the smaller the shearing angle, the smaller the motor power required, and the more energy-saving.

However, if the diameter is too large, the rigidity of the disc cutter will be weakened, which will affect the service life of the cutter head. The thickness of the disc cutter determines the strength of the cutter head, but if the cutter head is too thick, it will be heavy. Not only is it difficult to operate, but the price is also high. At the same time, it also limits the thickness of the cutter head when slitting narrow strips. If the cutter head is too thin, the deflection of the knife is insufficient, and the backlash of the cutter head changes greatly during the shearing process. The cut and shape will change, and the wear of the cutter head will be faster.

As a wearing part of the disc cutter, its machining accuracy and hardness play a very important role in its service life. According to practical experience, the thickness accuracy of the disc cutter is 0.005mm, the flatness accuracy is 0.025mm, and the parallelism accuracy of both sides is 0.005mm. In the process of using the disc cutter, due to the long time against the extrusion of the plate, the knife edge will appear abrasion and obtuse angle, and the metal fatigue layer will appear at the cut part. In order to ensure the cutting quality, it is necessary to re-grind the worn cutter head . The disc cutter plays a very important role in the precision of the disc cutter to cut the strip.

  • Axial backlash of disc cutter:

The reserved size of the axial backlash of the disc cutter should be determined according to the thickness and strength of the cut strip. Generally, ensure that the ratio of the tearing area to the shearing area is about 2:1.

According to the color and roughness of the shearing section, it can be judged whether the side clearance is appropriate: the section is smooth and shiny, and the side clearance is too small; the section is lead gray, and the side clearance is slightly smaller; The cross-section is white and slightly lead-grey, with proper side clearance; the cross-section is white, granular and rough, with too large side clearance. If the backlash is too large, shear burrs will appear. If the backlash is too small, it will cause excessive load on the disc shear, severe wear of the cutter head, and shorter service life. In the production process, the backlash values ​​on both sides of the disc cutter should be as consistent as possible.

Because the side with large backlash, the indentation of the shearing part will become larger, and the stretch of the strip will be greater than the side with small backlash, and the shearing sickle will appear. In particular, steel plates with a small ratio of plate thickness to plate width (narrow steel strips) are more likely to have a sickle bend.

  • Coincidence:

The overlap amount is determined by the thickness of the cut strip. Generally, it is a positive value when the thickness is less than or equal to 4mm, and a negative value when the thickness is greater than 4mm, that is, the blades are in a non-overlapping state. Generally speaking, if the overlap is too large, the shearing force will increase, and the edges of the strip will bend or even buckle after being cut; if the overlap is too small, the strip will not be able to be cut or the phenomenon of continuous shearing will occur.  

  • Tool axis accuracy:

The accuracy of the tool axis includes horizontal swing, vertical swing and axial movement of the tool axis. Generally, the horizontal and vertical swing accuracy of the tool shaft is required to be within ±0.005mm. The axial movement accuracy is required to be within ±0.005mm. The accuracy of the cutter shaft plays a very important role in realizing the stability of the cutter head backlash and the deflection of the cutter head.

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