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How to Deal with Metal Burrs?

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When it comes to the burrs that occur during the processing of slitting shears, the distance between the upper and lower scissors is, to a large extent, accompanied by the continuous rotation of the knife body and gradually decreases, and then, when the steel strip is continuously cut into the knife blade, in terms of this point, the phenomenon of deformation will occur, so that it will actually go through three stages of elastic deformation and shear deformation and fracture to complete shearing.

Electrical system and work cycle operation

However, for longitudinal shearing machine equipment, in terms of its normal shear conditions, for the upper and lower scissors, in terms of this point of view, there will be a certain gap; due to the different size of this gap value, we actually have to pay attention to the burr it produces, that is, it will look very different, on the longitudinal shearing machine equipment if you want to get a relatively small shear If you want to get a smaller shear burr, the gap between the two tools should be kept smaller.

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However, the slitting machine equipment in the work, the burr defects generated by the cause, that is, to pay attention to the principle of the machinery itself to analyze. For longitudinal shearing machine equipment on the shearing principle, as mentioned above, that is, the longitudinal shearing machine in the process of shearing copper and aluminum strip deformation, the scissors will be pulled up and down rolling scissors, after the speed of movement is equal to the steel strip to do circular motion.

Furthermore, when it comes to the longitudinal shear equipment, it will be called a longitudinal shear line, longitudinal cutting machine, slitting machine, in simple terms, it means an important name for the metal slitting equipment.

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On the use of the slitting machine equipment, it is actually applicable to the longitudinal shearing of metal strip material, will be slit after the narrow strip rewinding into a coil. About the advantages of the slitting machine, in summary, it is because its operation is very convenient, cutting quality is also very high, the utilization rate of the material is also relatively high, cutting speed can achieve stepless speed regulation and other related characteristics.

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