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How do slitting machine manufacturers deal with noise?

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Slitting machine as the popular CNC slitting equipment, in the market share and its use rate of the above and other machines for comparison, that is, will have an overwhelming advantage, and slitting machine equipment, whether from its production process to facilitate the performance of the operation, or from the production of product quality, that is, will have a very big advantage.


And in recent years, the slitting machine equipment has been favored by the majority of CNC production enterprises and commonly used, and whether it is the sound intensity distribution measurement or acoustic array imaging measurement, DASP is also able to provide wizard operation, after that is able to use three-dimensional color graphics for display, using different colors to clearly display the measured equipment acoustic radiation image, after that is able to determine the location of the noise source.


And, slitting machine equipment in use, for high-frequency noise relative to low-frequency to home relatively good isolation, this time to see the process requirements, in general, that is, to pay attention to the internal words on the workshop noise reduction limit of 85dB (A) is also more reasonable, provided that no other high-noise equipment.


Under the premise of not affecting the operation of the slitting machine equipment, it should be noted to go to the use of sound insulation room or the way the sound insulation cover for treatment (sound absorption, sound insulation, if there is ventilation, but also consider the anechoic). However, in terms of its specific implementation, it will also depend on the noise management objectives, process and space conditions (such as disassembly and maintenance requirements).

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Next, in terms of its plate operation and dust control will have a certain relationship, when it should pay attention to ensure the monitoring and plate inspection, access to materials and many other factors. And on the actual use of longitudinal shearing machine equipment in the time to pay attention to life safety. Can not be close to the rotating parts; work before the use of the sliding parts of the line lubrication and inspection; slitting machine equipment in the process of high-speed operation can not be reversed or selected positive, to stop the machine first.

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