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Safety Tutorials for the Use of Slitting Shears

Slitting machine equipment, mainly used for metal strip material such as longitudinal shear work, followed by me, we actually have to pay attention to, it is to a large extent is actually able to directly slit the good narrow strip re-winding into a volume, in terms of this aspect, in fact, is to facilitate our storage and transport.

Slitting machine equipment is, after all, a mechanical processing equipment, in view of this, we are in the use of the time, but also in time that it should follow the relevant safety tutorials. First of all, in order to make the equipment can do a good job of daily maintenance, we should actually pay attention to should be on to develop a plan to do a good job of regular inspection and maintenance work, this is not to be taken lightly.

Next, we actually have to pay attention to the slitting machine equipment in the start-up before in fact should also pay attention to the inspection, in order to confirm that there is no problem before the machine can be started. Next, in terms of the operator, we need to do, in fact, should be aware of should be to wear the relevant protective equipment, in the time of operation, to a large extent, in fact, should be to maintain a certain distance from it can.

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Immediately after we use the longitudinal shearing machine equipment, found re-rolling when the tower shape, this time to check the unwinding, disc shear, separator is not in the same center line above; when there is a coil plate cut constantly, we actually should be to check the size of the overlap of the knife plate, the knife and knife plate is not a loose phenomenon.

In the longitudinal shearing machine plate edge found burr phenomenon, we should actually pay attention to check the flatness of the knife plate and the quality of the knife mouth, when the plate edge tear phenomenon, we should actually pay attention to check the gap between the upper and lower knife plate and its parallelism, the next proper handling of the longitudinal shearing machine equipment problems.

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