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Analysis of the assembly line of the flattening machine

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Analysis of the assembly line of the flattening machine:

  • About the flattening machine equipment assembly line settings will mainly have two parts: the upper press die and the lower press die. The upper die is inevitably fastened to the push rod of the hydraulic cylinder, the hydraulic cylinder body is fixed on the support frame, and there are independent cooling waterways in the upper and lower dies, and the outlet and inlet of the cooling waterways are located on the upper or lower die of the flattening machine.
  • The center distance between the intermediate rolls of the flattening machine equipment is increased, so that at the same time of rapid quenching and cooling, the erosion of impurities on the tool or billet is avoided, and in this respect, the quality of the surface and hardness of the metallographic structure of the tool or billet is ensured to a large extent, and the contamination of the equipment with cooling oil is avoided. The specific configuration of the flattening machine can also be based on the number of rolls and weights of the flattening machine according to customer requirements, generally two 7, 9, 11, 13 rolls and generally four 11, 13, 15, 17, 19 rolls, six 17, 19 rolls.
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What kind of characteristics does the flattening machine equipment have:

  • The work shaft support of the flattening machine equipment is carried out by the use of heavy-duty bearings, with the lubrication system, the service life on quite long. The leveling machine equipment adopts the whole line PLC control, touch screen display after the operation, the degree of automation will appear very high; leveling machine equipment design structure is more reasonable, compact shape, high precision, high efficiency, flexible and convenient adjustment.

  • The frame of the flattening machine itself is actually welded steel plate, annealed, and processed by CNC floor boring and milling machine in one time, which ensures that the machine itself has the characteristics of high strength and high precision.

  • The manufacturing process of the flattening machine equipment is in strict accordance with the design specifications of machinery production, leveling roller material using alloy steel 60CrMoV. after the flattening machine equipment, this itself will have a more professional longitudinal shear line technology, on this type of equipment, will have a number of longitudinal shear line application technology patents, such equipment fully meet the user requirements.
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