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Adjusting Parts To Improve The Efficiency Of Slitting Shears

metal slitting line 1

To improve the efficiency of the slitting shear, the first point is to pay attention to the right arm, which, to a large extent, will be used for trimming and straightening, followed by the configuration to be used as a front stop and to support the longer plate material. The support arm, which is in front of the slitting shear to support the material, can be used to measure the sheared parts together with a suitable front stopper.

Immediately after, on the slitting shear efficiency, we actually have to pay attention to the plate material on the support device, this device will generally also be located in time behind the blade, so that the material top after the blocking material will also play a supporting role for the material, so that, in other words, can prevent the phenomenon of material sagging, the next words, that is, to ensure the accurate position of the cut.

Selecting the right slitting machine structure

In addition, we actually have to pay attention to, on the longitudinal shearing machine efficiency improvement, is to pay attention to should be manually to centralized lubrication system, on the manual centralized lubrication system is to pay attention to should be in a certain position to give a number of lubrication points for refueling.

The automatic lubrication point for the slitting shear is also to note that it should be to provide a systematic and appropriate amount of lubricating oil, the next words, that is, to note that it should be to manually or electrically operated machine front backstop, this time, it is also to note that it should be used to adjust the size of the backstop on the material, this time, it is also to control the blade behind the drop specifications.

Automatic Cold Rolled Slitter Machine

The efficiency of the slitting shear is improved by paying attention to the knife gap adjuster which is close to the knife gap that will adjust the slitting shear to a more suitable thickness of the material to be cut, the grade and size of the knife gap. Immediately afterwards, we actually have to pay attention to the fact that to a large extent the motor will be used for the adjustment of the knife gap, which is when the material thickness, type and cutting length parameters are entered into the controller.

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