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Slitting Machine Inspection and Maintenance

For the inspection of slitting machine equipment, first of all, we should also use some magnifying glass to check, after we can look at all parts of the parts very fine. In addition to this method, we can also use the measurement method to measure, for example, we can prepare some calipers, can also prepare some micrometer, so that we can know how to check the accuracy of all the parts if they are checked.

About the slitting machine equipment above this test method is also used more, not only the slitting machine, dispersing machine is also available for inspection! After that also includes the penetration method, magnetic particle method which can be used to detect.

slitting machine

The maintenance of slitting machine equipment is a major issue.

Slitting machine equipment is a large machine, in the past some factories in the production of processing will generally choose manual, but this time we should pay attention to the manual production will inevitably appear more or less error, and manual production when processing out of the parts are generally less accurate, and much lower efficiency. So many people will choose to buy slitting machine equipment.

For the maintenance of this slitting machine equipment we should be careful to choose to work every day before going to a certain check, after the use of the coupling must also be checked before, we mainly check the coupling is not loose, once the coupling is found to be loose we must stop working in time.

After that, about the slitting machine equipment inspection, we have to check the oil tank oil storage, if found that the oil is not enough when you must remember to refuel in a timely manner, there is a technical staff must be regularly on the machine’s cooling system, air ducts and so on, for the oil tank filter we can do regular replacement, so you can also ensure that the air ducts will not be blocked by some debris.

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