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Rack Roll Forming Machine

Pallet rack roll forming machine is most popular in the current roll forming equpment market

From the functional point of view,pallent racking systems are aim to hand material storage by storing material on pallets.We can adjust and custom any sizes and thickness according to you.Becasue of rack roll forming machine,you can manufacture more rack to store and manager more things.

By the way ,wxbono roll form all know the racking have many types,Cantilever/Selective/Push Back/Drive/Pallet Flow/Carton Flow, all types of shelf racks are for rapid construction of structures, timely adjustment of structures and re-use.Shelf racking is comprised of uprights、beans and wire decks.

From material point of view,upright rack roll forming machine is suitable for forming of galvanized, stainless steel, copper, etc. And most customer place order for galvanized and carbon steel.

Shelf Rack Roll Forming Machine one of our most popular equipments.It is used to make shelf rack for large warehouse to improve storage capacity and management efficiency. We have also reached cooperation with many large warehousing companies.

In these 13 years, wxbono have served customers in more than 100 countries around the world, produced and installed more than 200 roll storage roll forming forming lines, and customers’ satisfaction with our roll froming machine system and foring technology exceeded 98.6%. Therefore, they often introduce new customers to us, and we are very grateful to them and cherish every customer very much.

So if you want to  get more information about shelf racks , or have questions about, please feel free to send message to us by email.

Storage rack roll forming machines

  Coil weight        <12T

  Coil inner D.      (p450mm-(p530mm

  Max.Width        300mm

  Thickness                    1.2-3.0mm

  Straightener roller       10pcs

  Power                            15kw

The layout of shelf rack roll forming machine

  1. Decoiler (automactic or manual)
  2. Guiding device
  3. Leveling device
  4. Holes punching device
  5. Roll forming machine
  6. Shap cutting
  7. Out-table

Design for Roll Forming part

Machine capacity

  • Material Thickness:2.5mm
  • Inner material Width:300 mm
  • Working speed:16-21m/min
  • Working area:L6000mm*W600mm*H1200mm
  • Coil weight:12000 KG

This roll forming lines is combined with decoiler,leveling part,guide part,press and punch device,roll forming machine,out-table and electrical contral cabinet and so on.

Specifications of Shelf Rack Roll Forming Machine


Loading capacity :                             6T

Metal coil inner diameter :     400-535mm

Metal coil outer diameter :   max 1850mm

Cantilever width:                    max 530mm

2.Leveling part

Leveling type:upper 3 rollers+bottom 4 rollers

Motor power supply:4.5 kw

Adjustable type Feeding: right and left, to feed the strips into a right position

3.Press and punching dvice

Capacity:110 T

Model: C1N-110

Max line speed: 200m/min

Die cushion Stroke: 80mm

4.Roll forming machine

Rolling stations: 20 stations

Material of shaft:  45# steel metal

Motor supply: 19kw

Transmission way:By chain(Gearbox available)

Diameter of shaft:75mm

Material of Roller: GCR15 overquenching HRC58-62 and chroming of 0.05mm thickness

5.Hydraulic cutting part

Power supply:12KW

Cool way:    wind cold

Tolerance of Cutting Length: +/- 3 mm

Material of Cutting Mold: Cr12Mov with quenched treatment HRC 60-62

6.Electricity control cabinet

Workers can touch screen to input all product data,and it will show the working status.

After finishing it will automatic stoping

Operating language:english and chinese

Brand of PLC:Panasonic


Frequency inverter brand:Yaskawa

Touching Screen:MCSG

Low coltage:Schneider

7.Cutting precision

Vertical   ±1.5 mm

Horizontal   ±1.5 mm

Cutting length  ±1.0 mm

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