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Silo Cold Roll Forming Machine

high quality & high performance cold roll forming machine for sale

  Coil weight        <2T

  Coil inner D.      (p450mm-(p530mm

  Max.Width        200mm

  Thickness                    0.4-1.6mm

  Straightener roller       7 pcs

  Power                            1.5kw

General Requirements

The production line includes all the processes of metal corrugated board production such as uncoiling, guiding, leveling, forming, punching, bending, shearing, and simple automatic palletizing.

  1.Working Environment

  • Ambient temperature: -10℃~+45℃
  • Environmental humidity: ≤90%

  2.Raw materials

  • Type of raw material: Commercially available galvanized
  • steel sheet (coil), Q235
  • Raw material specifications: maximum width 1500mm
  • Maximum thickness 3.5mm

  3.Servo Feeder

  • Max. feeding width:200mm
  • Feeding thickess: 0.4-1.6mm
  • Motor , 0.85KW(Yaskawa)

  4.Product Specifications Waveform Parameters

  • Corrugation parameters of inner tube corrugated board: 125mm×25mm (diameter of corrugated tube Φ3.2m), see attached picture 1
  • Corrugation parameters of outer cylinder corrugated board: 150mm×50mm (corrugated cylinder diameter Φ5.2m), see attached picture 2

  5.Installation layout (not including the storage of raw materials and finished products, and the setting area of lifting equipment)

  • Length: ≤30m, width: ≤4m, height: ≤5m
  • Lifting weight: ≤10T, lifting height: ≤7m
  • Note: If the lifting weight of a single piece exceeds 10T when the equipment is installed, special instructions are required in advance.

  6.Power Source

  • Power: ≤70KW
  • Power supply: 3-phase 380V±10% / Single phase 220V±10%
  • Frequency 50Hz±2%

Main component equipment parameter index requirements

Unwinding Rack

  • The unwinding rack adopts passive operation, hydraulic tension, and constant speed feed;
  • Unwinding width: 300mm~1500mm;
  • Unwinding weight: ≤15T;
  • Maximum outer diameter of the clamped steel coil: 1500mm;
  • The diameter of the inner hole of the clamping steel coil: 460mm~560mm.

Forming Host

  • The forming host adopts a single-wave step-by-step forming method, which has the functions of steel plate guidance, manual adjustment, automatic centering, leveling, pinching, and roll forming;
  • Machining accuracy: wave pitch dimensional accuracy: ±2mm

                        Wave height dimensional accuracy: ±2mm

  • Corrugated board appearance: The surface of the corrugated board is smooth and flat, the color is uniform, the edges are regular, there is no obvious galvanized layer shedding, accumulation, and no obvious mechanical scratches and damage caused by processing;
  • Roll passes: 16 composition type, 2 sets of plastic repair, the first roll has the pinching function, and the two rolls at both ends have the guiding function;
  • Bearing: National standard, fully enclosed;
  • Motor: 2 sets, each 15KW (optional according to the actual situation of the production line), electrical parts adopt Schneider;
  • Forming speed: 6mm/min~15mm/min, adjustable;
  • Structure: arch type structure + universal joint + gear box;
  • Drive mode: motor + gear box drive;
  • Control method: PLC control (Japan Panasonic, touch screen, equipped with wireless handheld control box that can cover the entire production line).

Punching Equipment

  • Punching method: non-stop tracking punching;
  • Control form: servo motor (5.5KW) + pulse encoder + ball screw drive;
  • Hydraulic station: 22KW motor, domestic Wansheng;
  • Punching accuracy: hole size accuracy: +0.3mm;

                                        Hole spacing (width direction) accuracy: ±1mm;

                                        Hole spacing (length direction) accuracy: ±2mm;

  • Appearance of the threaded hole: The threaded hole has a regular shape and no obvious burrs on the edge;
  • Punching die: Cr12MoV material, surface treatment, 60~62HRC;
  • A set of spare punches are provided with the production line.

Arch Bending Equipment

  • The radius of curvature of the arc structure of the arch bending equipment adopts two-way electric adjustment.
  • Arching method: three-roller arching, two-roller assistance;
  • Feeding width: ≥1250mm;
  • Roller arc speed: coordinate with the forming host;
  • Most large arch bend diameter : 2M;
  • Structural form: archway structure.

Cutting Equipment

  • Hydraulic station: share a hydraulic station with punching equipment;
  • Shearing method: shearing with hydraulic cutter, adjustable angle, matching with the state of the curved arc plate;
  • Cutting length accuracy: ±2mm;
  • Cut quality: The cut at the end of the corrugated board is straight without obvious sawtooth;
  • Cutter: Cr12MoV material, surface treatment, 60~62HRC.


  • After the cutting is completed, the finished product moves upward, and is equipped with appropriate conveying and placement equipment to realize automatic palletizing.
  • Discharge method: automatic conveying, transfer, sinking and palletizing; manual palletizing.
  • Discharge rack type: triangle type/roller type;
  • Palletizing quantity: 50 pieces—100 pieces;
  • Turnover trolley: 1 unit.

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