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Cable tray MC model #1

Drawer slide roll forming machine for forming slide profiles, including outside rail roll forming machine, middle drawer slide machine, and inner slide metal machine

  Coil weight        <2T

  Coil inner D.      (p450mm-(p530mm

  Max.Width        200mm

  Thickness                    0.4-1.6mm

  Straightener roller       7 pcs

  Power                            1.5kw

Guide device

Machine list

Accessories brand

Technical Parameter

1. Equipment part list of automatic cable tray roll fomring machine

2. Scheme drawing of production line:

Auto/manual-De-coiler — leveling machine — Servo feeding machine — Punching press / cutting —conveyor — Forming machine — Collection table

3.1 .General structure of equipment

Auto/manual de-coiler

# Sheet width: 100—1200mm; sheet thickness: 1.0~2.0 mm

# Inner diameter: 508mm  Range of expanding: ф480-520 mm

# Maximum outer diameter: φ1200mm, loading: ≤10T

# Power of motor: 7.5kw frequency controlled

# Type of expand: hydraulic expanding.

# Type of press coiler: air-powered press

# Feeding speed: 0-10m/min, adjustable.

3.2 Leveling machine

# Working roller: 9pcs

# Feature of structure: after the quenching and tempering, chrome-plating processing, the rigidity, surface roughness of the roller etc. are all enhance greatly; It is composed by the clamping roller and the leveling roller, the clamping roller may the independent control, the leveler has one pair of horizontal guide roller and two pairs of vertical guider roller and easy to adjust by hand wheel.

# Between the leveler and the feeding device, there is optical sensor, sends out the feedback signal to the control system, the control system sends out the instruction to the frequency conversion motor to change speed to control the storage quantity of the sheet. Achieves the uninterrupted level goal.

3.3 NCF1200 servo feeding machine

# Function: material feeding

# Feature:  Uses the servo motor-driven .Multistage type feeding: May input 10 group of different feeding lengths, The liquid crystal touching screen demonstrated is advantageous for the change, establishes various technical parameters. The auto-induction start system and the punch press linkage (control punch press start).  

3.4 Punching press

# Type of punching press: JH21-400T

# Punching press: Uses the steel plate welding fuselage, the rigidity is strong with good appearance .Uses the combined type air operated friction clutch.

3.5 Forming Machine

# The material of the roller is the GCr15 forging, after whole quenching then by numerical control processing, degree of hardness can reach HRC58-62; Has the characteristic with high strength, hardness, precision and long service life etc.

# Technical parameter:

Forming station: 20stations (double row)

Width of feeding:100~1200mm

Diameter of forming shaft: 65mm ( according the fact to adjust the size)

Distance of level rollers:about350-550mm

Power of motor: 22kw

Production speed: 2-4m/min

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