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Cabinet box Machine

Drawer slide roll forming machine for forming slide profiles, including outside rail roll forming machine, middle drawer slide machine, and inner slide metal machine

  Coil weight        <2T

  Coil inner D.      (p450mm-(p530mm

  Max.Width        200mm

  Thickness                    0.4-1.6mm

  Straightener roller       7 pcs

  Power                            1.5kw

Guide device

Machine list

Accessories brand

1. Profile

2. Machine flow chart

De-coiler→ Guiding & feed → Roll forming → cutting → product

3. Details of each part

3.1 Manual /Auto De-coiler

3.2 Roll forming MC

  1. The main frame of the forming machine: high-quality steel aging treatment after welding, CNC gantry milling processing
  2. Forming machine guide feeding rack form: side hand wheel type
  3. Forming machine form: cantilever chain drive (automatic traverse)
  4. Shaft material :40CrTempering treatment(HB220-260)
  5. Main power:7.5KW
  6. Forming speed:0-15m/min(not including cutting time ),Traverse motor power: 1.5kw
  7. Forming thickness:0.6-1.5mm
  8. Raw material :galvanized coil、color coat coil
  9. Roller material :Gcr15 Quenching(HRC58-62)
  10. Chrome of coating thickness≥ 0.05mm
  11. Defensive equipment: safety guards on the drive side

3.3 Hydraulic cutter

  1. Cutting method :cutting after forming
  2. Cutter  structure:high-quality carbon steel steel plate after welding and tempering treatment
  3. Cutter:1set
  4. Cutter material:Cr12mov(HRC58-62)
  5. Cutting method: stop hydraulic cutting (punching, with waste, cutting and cutting at the same time to complete the bevel punching and bending)

6. Punching notch mold: 1 pair (waist hole and notch), Die heat treatment method: quenching treatment (HRC58-62)
7. Hydraulic station power:11KW with fan cool
8. Pump of hydraulic station:vane pump or gear pump
9. Hydraulic station solenoid valve:Huade(24V)
10. Hydraulic system cooling:cool fan

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