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Solar Energy Bracket Roll Forming Machine

Ground Solar Mounting Structure And Racking System, Grid-Tied PV Mounted & Photovoltaic Mouting Bracket Channel Roll Forming Machine

  Coil weight        <2T

  Coil inner D.      (p450mm-(p530mm

  Max.Width        200mm

  Thickness                    0.4-1.6mm

  Straightener roller       7 pcs

  Power                            1.5kw

Solar Profile

Flow Chart

De-coiler-Leveling——servo hydraulic punching ——–storage —–forming ——cutting (servo control)——out table

Layout as below

Equipment Parts

The main machine of this equipment is composed of passive uncoiler, servo punching mechanism, roll forming main machine (including guide feeding and hydraulic cutting mechanism), discharge platform, hydraulic system, electric control system, etc.

Main Technical


  • De-coiler:Passive –type ,hydraulic expending type
  • De-coiler capacity :3T
  • De-coiler ID:φ508mm
  • Expanding range:φ450-530mm
  • Hydraulic system power:1.5KW
  • Hydraulic pump:gear or leave type
  • Hydraulic valve:Beijing Huade
  • Frequency: Yaskawa Japan
  • Leveling system:2pcs of pinching roller+ 7pcs of straightening roller
  • Straightening roller diameter:φ52.5mm
  • Straightening roller material: 40Cr
  • Straightening roller is treated by heat and surface is quenched

  2.Servo Punching Hole

  • Type:NC-300
  • Power:1.8KW+ Reducer
  • Servo motor brand:Yaskawa
  • Guide pillar hydraulic punching mechanism: 5 stations (including 2 spares)
  • Punching dies :GC901-2:3sets /GC59:5sets
  • Frame material:45 #steel
  • Punching dies material:Cr12Mov or SDK11
  • Die Hardness:HRC58-62  
  • Hydraulic system power:18.5KW
  • Hydraulic valve :Beijing Huade
  • Cooling system:fan cooling system

  3.Storage Bracket Rack

  • Square tube :40x40mm
  • Roller :40cr

  4.Forming Machine

  • Frame: high-quality section steel tempered after welding
  • Guiding feeder form: When the lateral roller type main machine feed inlet is provided with left and right guiding work, the two sides of the raw material plate enter the main machine after being guided from the left and the right, so that the raw material plate and the roll forming system maintain the correct position. The guide position can be adjusted by the manual screw mechanism, and the left and right are independently adjustable. Guide roll quenching
  • Forming machine frame: 110 cast iron arch + X180 gear box transmission
  • Shaft material:40Cr tempered by heat(HB220-260)
  • Shaft diameter:Φ80
  • Main Power:22KW
  • Forming speed: 0-30m/min
  • Roller station :20station(not including straightening roller)
  • Thickness:0.8-1.5mm
  • Product material:S350-550mpa
  • Unfolding width of rolled material: as per purchaser’s requirement.
  • Length tolerance: ±1.5mm
  • Roll forming die: 4 sets (change rolls with different specifications)
  • Roller material :Gcr15 (HRC58-62)
  • Surface with chrome≥ 0.05mm

  5.Hydraulic Cutting System

  • Cutting method: servo tracking hydraulic cutting after forming
  • Servo motor power: 2.9KW
  • Servo motor brand: Yaskawa (Japan)
  • Shearing blades: 3 pairs (change blades with different specifications)
  • Material of forming and shearing mould: Cr12M0V
  • Heat treatment method of shear blade: quenching treatment (HRC58-62)
  • Hydraulic system power: 7.5KW (single circuit)
  • Solenoid valve of hydraulic system: Beijing Huade (24V safety voltage)
  • Oil pump of hydraulic station: vane pump

  6.Out Table

  • The structure of the receiving roller table: square tube welding, drum type (no power)
  • Specification of receiving roller table: 2000mmx2 pieces

  7.Electrical System

  • With manual and automatic switching functions: in the manual state, it can be operated as a stand-alone machine, which is convenient for maintenance; in the automatic state, the whole line of production runs and starts in sequence; the whole line has an emergency stop button, which is easy to handle emergency accidents and ensure equipment and operators
  • Inverter: Yaskawa, Japan
  • PLC: Panasonic
  • Computer operation panel: MCGS
  • Encoder: Koyo (Japan)
  • Voltage: 380v, 50Hz, 3ph (according to customer requirements)

  8.Touch Screen Display Screen

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