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Automatic Cold Rolled Slitter Machine

  Brand        Wuxi LonGar

  Original      China

  Minimum    1 Set

  Price Terms              FOB、CIF

  Payment Terms       L/C、D/P、T/T

  Package                    Wooden Box

  Delivery      From the date that we get the deposit, will deliver the products within 15~30                           days base on the type and the quantity of the machines you ordered


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The cold rolled slitter machine is not far from our life. In daily life, you can often see various goods made of steel. But steel is extensive when it is first produced, so it is necessary to use our cold rolled slitting machine to cut steel plates from the longitudinal direction according to specific dimensions and to slit the scored steel strip into rolls.

The whole metal cold rolled slitter system has a high level of automation and is characterized by precision, stability, and efficiency.

The metal cold slitting machine is mainly used to divide the different specifications of coils into different widths of strips along the length direction as needed and rewind them. The products can roll, weld pipes, cold-forming, stamp, and form materials.

The metal cold rolled slitter production line mainly comprises a loading trolley, uncoiler, feeder, slitting shear, scrap winder, head or tail shear, tension control machine, winder, etc.

It is also equipped with an intermediate swing bridge, clamping and feeding device, deflection correction device, etc., between each machine. The production line is characterized by high automation, high slitting precision, stable and reliable machine performance, easy operation and maintenance, etc.

Cold Rolled Steel Slitting Machine Technical Parameter

Material Thickness(mm)0.15-1.50.15-2.00.3-3.00.5-4.0
Material Width Range(mm)750&13001600&18001800&2000200-1600
Slitting Strips2-202-202-152-15
Product Precision(mm)±0.1±0.1±0.15±0.15
Liner Speed(mm)10-200(250)10-200(250)10-150(200)10-150(200)
Coil Weight(T)10152025
Blade Shaft(mm)Φ205Φ220Φ240Φ240

Automatic Steel Slitting Line Drawing

Cold Rolled Steel Slitting Machine Components

  1. Coil Car
  2. V Plate
  3. De-coiler
  4. Press&Guider
  5. Shoval
  6. Pinch&Pre-leveler
  7. Shear
  8. Working Table
  9. Side Guide
  10. Slitter
  11. Scrap Winder
  12. Loop
  13. Damp
  14. Swing
  15. Unload Car
  16. Separator
  17. Re-coiler
  18. Supporter

Cold Rolled Steel Slitting Equipment Types

TypeThicknessWidth RangeCoil WeightMin StripStrips NoLinear SpeedBlade Shaft
3x16000.3-3 mm1600&1800 mm25 T≥ 20 mm5-300-150 m/minΦ240
4x16000.5-4 mm1600&1800 mm30 T≥ 30 mm5-300-80 m/minΦ240
6x16001-6 mm1600&1800 mm30 T≥ 40 mm5-200-60 m/minΦ260
8x16002-8 mm1600&1800 mm35 T≥ 70 mm5-200-50 m/minΦ300
10x16003-10 mm2000&2200 mm35 T≥ 80 mm5-180-40 m/minΦ320
12x16003-12 mm2000&2200 mm35 T≥ 100 mm5-200-30 m/minΦ320
16x16004-16 mm2000&2200 mm35 T≥ 100 mm≤520 m/minΦ400
20x16006-20 mm2000&2200 mm35 T≥ 100 mm≤520 m/minΦ480

Cold Rolled Steel Slitter Machine Applications

The cold roller slitter machine from Wuxi longer has many applications. It can process all kinds of hot-rolled coils, silicon steel sheets, stainless steel sheets, color plates, aluminum sheets, and metal sheets after plating or painting.

Cold Slitting Machine Manufacturer

Wuxi LonGar is a professional manufacturer of cold roller slitter machines and leveling machines.

At present, the thickness of the flattening and cross-cutting equipment can be 0.09-28mm, the width range can be 200-3000mm, and the fastest speed can reach 80m/min. The thickness range of slitting equipment can reach 0.2-20mm, the width range can reach 200-3000mm, and the speed can reach 250m/min.

Our products are exported to Belgium, Poland, South Africa, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iran, India, and other countries and are widely approved by the market.

We have modern management and a high-quality manufacturing team, so we manufacture high-quality cold cutting machines. We always insist on manufacturing high-quality machines and providing meticulous services to our customers.

Cold Roller Slitter Machine Details

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